This Side of Reality

This Side of Reality is a new live podcast event in collaboration with the Brighton Digital Festival and TotallyRadio.


Launching with three live events during the festival, the podcast explored the unexpected realities of digital culture – asking the important critical questions we tend to overlook. Presented by author and musician CJ Thorpe, the podcast features creators, innovators, and thinkers bringing important topics from the fringe to the forefront.

Available on iTunes here, or Soundcloud below:


Episode 3

We think of data as science – indisputable collection of facts.

With machine learning taking over important aspects of our lives, we need to ask: can data ever be neutral? Are we running risks of automating existing biases and prejudice into our digital future?

From big data being used to determine employability, insurance, and criminal convictions, to personalised search results and newsfeeds stifling learning and democracy – we talk about the politics and ethics of data and machine learning.

In this episode, CJ Thorpe talks to:

CHRIS MIDDLETON, Journalist / Author / Robotics Expert / Musician
DR TANYA KANT, Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex
DR ARISTEA FOTOPOULOU, Senior Lecturer Media & Communications, University of Brighton


Episode 2

1 in 4 of us experience some form of mental health difficulties every year.

In this episode, we explore how digital technology can be both detrimental to our mind wellbeing, but also a powerful force for good – from self-help and personalised intervention, to data-based medicine.

We talk about the harsh reality of online interaction, the opportunities and risks of self-help apps, the ins and outs of creating a local suicide prevention app, and the future of how we approach mental health as a whole.

Joining us are:

MARK BROWN, Development Director, Social Spider; Guardian writer on mental health issues, former editor of One in Four magazine.
TASHA MANSLEY, Role Models Project, University of Sussex SU, organiser of The Secret Lives of Teens
ALEX HARVEY, Development Officer, Grassroots Suicide Prevention, creators of the Stay Alive app.